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2 Oct 2015
by Miquel Montañá

Where is the EPC provision which would allegedly allow the EPO to “grant” a patent with a different text for Contracting States that entered reservations in accordance with Art. 167(2)(a)?

Clifford Chance Clifford Chance Article 118 of the EPC (entitled “Unity of the European patent application or European patent”) states that: “[...] the text of the application or patent shall be uniform for all designated Contracting States, unless this Convention provides otherwise.” …
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24 Sep 2015
by Jan Bernd Nordemann

Incidental Inclusion of Works – Mere Incidental Relevance of the Exception according to the German Bundesgerichtshof

Boehmert & Boehmert Boehmert & Boehmert Case I ZR 177/13 of November 17, 2014: Moebelkatalog [Furniture Catalogue] published here. According to a recent ruling of the German Highest Civil Court, the Bundesgerichtshof (“BGH”), the copyright exception for “incidental inclusion of a work or …


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