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Whitepaper on Latin America Legal Update – 2018

Kluwer Law International has co-created the Whitepaper ‘Latin America Legal Update – 2018’ in cooperation with a group of experts in the field.

The Latin America region is an important market for international trademark owners, and increasingly also the source of globally famous brands. According to data compiled by the World Intellectual Property Organization, the number of trademark classes applied for in 37 IP offices in Latin America and the Caribbean increased from 485,500 in 2006 to 680,300 in 2016. This represents an annual increase of 3.4%.

The past decade has seen significant changes to the protection of trademarks in Latin America. One example of this is the increasing engagement with the Madrid system for protecting international trademarks. Colombia joined in 2012 and Mexico followed in 2013. There are now more than 100 members of the Madrid system, which allows trademark owners to simply and cost-effectively apply for international trademark protection. More countries, including some in Latin America, are expected to join the system soon.

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AIPPI: Design Rights. Functionality and Scope of Protection by Christopher V. Carani

AIPPI promotes the value of all types of IP through its comprehensive analyses of existing and proposed IP laws and policies; working with government and nongovernment organizations to develop and improve international and regional treaties and agreements, as well as national laws; and hosting conferences and seminars.

Over the past years, AIPPI has partnered with Wolters Kluwer to deliver the ‘AIPPI Law Series’ as another way to promote the protection of IP. The book ‘Design Rights’ is the third publication in this series, also available as compared jurisdictions workflow tool so you can easily compare multi jurisdictions.

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